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Getting rid of stress with lemon candies and orange pudding! What about eating some refreshing candies, smelling away using the lovely orange and lemon aroma everyday? How about creating newer and more effective and beautiful refreshing moments with your family people and buddies?

How about planning newer and more effective candies and desserts for everybody?

Isn’t it time? Let us go….

Candied Lemon Rind


8 lemon

1 teaspoon salt

200g sugar

125 ml water


a. Take away the rinds in the lemon in quarters.

b. Cover with water and add salt.

c. Boil half an hour and drain it.

d. Add freshwater and boil until tender. About half an hour.

e. Drain and divide rinds into 2 equal portions.

f. Bring sugar and water to boil.

g. Add one part of rinds, and boil until syrup is almost absorbed.

h. Drain and roll in sugar. Cut with scissors into small pieces.

i. Repeat process for that remaining rinds.

Note: This made about 500g candied fruit.


Orange Pudding (6 portions)

Pudding Filings


500g cooked berries

Drained juice

1 tablespoon butter

300g brown sugar

1/4 teaspoon salt


a. Drain the berries, and prepare using the butter and

brown sugar for ten minutes.

b. Add a bit of the drained juice, once the berries get too thick.

c. Keep warm until used.

Pudding Batter

*Components A

50 ml butter

100g sugar

1 egg (beaten)


a. Cream the butter and sugar together. Add the egg.

b. Reserve to ready.


*Components B

120g flour

1/4 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon baking powder

1 teaspoon grated orange rind

60 ml orange juice

2 drops of almond extract (optional)


a. Sift flour, salt, and baking powder together. Add orange rinds.

b. Add this mix to Components A combination, alternately with orange juice, and blend well.

c. Place the berries mixture right into a buttered baking dish, and canopy using the cake batter.

d. Bake inside a 180°C oven for around forty-five minutes, before the cake is golden brown.

e. Serve hot with whipped cream, flavor with almond extract, when preferred.

Wonderful recollections can last forever!

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Ludlow Marches Drink and food Festival

There’s nothing I love much better than eating and consuming therefore the Ludlow Marches Drink and food Festival is very probably the ideal weekend away…but it is the final spot to go if you are watching your waistline! Named England’s Finest Market Town based on country Existence Magazine some time ago, Ludlow includes a lengthy tradition of promoting quality local foodstuffs in the regular market.

Whether food is part of your working existence or else you just appreciate good drink and food this is actually the spot for you.

Occur Ludlow, Shropshire and held between your seventh and ninth of September this season, the Ludlow Marches Drink and food Festival celebrates everything that would be ideal about eating and consuming.

The very first festival occured in 1995 and it has gone from strength to strength since.

The timing from the festival means you are able to usually rely on great weather and Shropshire hosts a few of the UK’s most attractive countryside.

The festival’s objective would be to celebrate the standard and variety from the independent drink and food producers around Ludlow and also the Marches.

Industrially-created items don’t feature within the festival, this is about real drink and food and you will can buy and sample the best.

The festival operates by volunteers and for that reason has an excellent atmosphere. The folks here love food and love the things they’re doing so you are guaranteed a grin from everybody.

For something quite different and also to can indulge your desire for drink and food the Ludlow Marches festival is the perfect summer time trip.